Poverty, discrimination, war and natural disaster are all factors that cause children to become vulnerable.

Aiming At Helping Over 0 Children in Africa & Asia

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A donation given to us goes to helping give children across Africa and Asia decent homes, quality health care and hope of a better future. Donate to help us achieve more for the goodness of Christ and the Love of God.

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This is your chance to contribute to the global effort of giving care and showing love to children across the world and be fulfilled knowing you have saved a child from the devastating effect of poverty, war and discrimination.


With support, most families could care for their children. And children without families could be looked after in family-style environments, or community-based services, where they can be provided with the care to meet their needs.

Our Causes

We work with International Donors, Governments and Communities, helping them raise funds to provide health, education and social services, so children can be raised in Healty, Happier Communities.

Why Help?

There is a proverb: 'Charity begins at home.' A per­son, who is kind at heart and possesses compassion from his early days towards the weak and the needy in the society, is generally found to help and make gifts to the poor. He finds joy and satisfaction in giving alms to a beggar, or renders some financial relief to the needy persons who are near at hand. According to DoSomething.Org, more than 1.3 billion people around the world live on less than $1.25 per day. Even more—3 billion—exist on less than $2.50 per day. These extreme levels of poverty are common throughout the world, and most of the sufferers live in countries where the governments cannot afford to resolve the problem. So the responsibility must rest with other organizations. Foundations have the resources and reach to approach such problems in a way that governments often cannot. Through the use of private donations, world hunger and poverty can gradually be ameliorated. It is an unfortunate truth that public policy simply cannot solve all problems. Even in the most developed nations with robust social welfare, there are people who suffer and fall between the cracks. Policies might change patterns and outcomes, but they do not always have a direct impact on the lives of individual citizens. This is why it is so essential that additional organizations exist to provide help. And that is why UNIVERSAL AID FOUNDATION exists.

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